Getting Started

Follow these steps to complete your CRS/FATCA
submission using ReportGenie

FATCA Template Guide CRS Template Guide

Tap on Get Started at, then click CREATE ACCOUNT. Follow the 3 simple steps to setup your account.

Image of the Get Started workflow

From the dashboard, click on TAKE ME THERE.

If it's not visible on the dashboard, click on Company Details, then toggle on the appropriate schemas.

Images of the Dashboard and Company Details page

Click DOWNLOAD SUBMISSION TEMPLATE to download the CRS/FATCA template.

Image of the CRS Submission Generator

This template is .xlsx format, feel free to rename it!

Enter the details of reporting FIs included in this submission.

This should be under Configuration.

Image of the Excel submission template (Configuration tab)

Enter the details of each reportable account.

This should be under Data.

Image of the Excel submission template (Data tab)

Once complete, save and then return to ReportGenie via login (

Images of the Excel save action and ReportGenie navigation bar


Image of the CRS Submission Generator

We'll then check for errors, warnings, or other information.

Edit appropriate fields, resave, and click on UPLOAD COMPLETED SUBMISSION TEMPLATE.

Image of validation messages for a FATCA/CRS submission

Once validated you'll be able to produce your final submission file via SUBMISSION XML.

Image of the submission XML download button

Congratulations, you are now ready to submit to your local tax portal.

Don't worry, if your local tax authority requests any changes head back to the dashboard and click on TAKE ME THERE.

Image of the Dashboard